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8 Essential Items That You Need For a Great Beach Day

It's summer, so that means one thing for a lot of people...the beach, of course.

What’s not to love about the beach? There are almost endless activities we can do. When I am on the beach, I always get a sense of joy to see so many people having fun. There are people walking, fishing, reading, talking, sleeping, listening to music, playing with their kids, and of course splashing in the surf.

Of course, all those activities require bringing certain items to the beach. There have been times I have opened my beach bag and said, "Oh no I forgot my towel, sunscreen... fill in the blank." In our excitement to get to set foot on that golden sand, we may forget to pack the stuff we need for a safe, fun-filled beach day. From towels to headphones, we got a list of eight essentials to have a safe and fun-filled day at the beach.

1. Towels and Chair

If you take anything at all, a towel or chair should be it. While it is fun to play on the beach, there comes a time that we will want to lay back on a chair or towel and relax. Plus, it is nice to have something to wrap yourself in after a dunk in the ocean.

2. Sunscreen

Sunburns are the worst. By simply applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, you can protect your skin from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Remember to reapply after swimming or every two hours, especially if you are on the beach all day. One simple rule to remember - "Redo in Two."

3. Beach Umbrella and a Hat

You've got the towel and the sunscreen, but you can't forget your beach umbrella. An umbrella makes the beach a better experience by protecting you from the intensity of the sun's rays and by keeping you cooler in the shade.Of course, if you want to take a walk or get out from under the umbrella, a wide brim hat is the next best thing.

4. A Speaker and/or Headphones

Crank up the tunes to get the beach party started, or chill out with some soothing music. Either way, music always makes the beach more fun.

5. Drinks

The best way to refresh yourself after setting up all that equipment is to sip on a nice cool drink. It is easy to get dehydrated in the hot summer weather, so be sure to grab that cooler and load it up with ice and one of the best drinks to quench your thirst - water. Soda and alcohol are both diuretics, so if you prefer them, try to alternate your drinks with plain old water.

6. Food and Snacks

Don’t let hunger ruin a good time. Who wants to cut their beach time short due to a growling stomach? Plan ahead and pack some healthy snacks and meals.

7. Power Bank and Phone Charger

What's worse than your phone dying? Your phone dying at the beach when you want to listen to music or contact someone if needed. A phone power bank will make it easy to stay in touch.

8. Hair Products and Moisturizer

Salt water looks unthreatening, but we all know that beach hair and skin need some help. There are many products that can help shield your hair from the sun and add extra moisture.

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