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Hairy Tales Do Come True

Why bother with makeup when half of our face is covered by a mask? The one thing that keeps us looking put together when we can’t see our faces is our hair! Since that is now the focal point of our appearance, we need to make sure we are keeping it healthy and beautiful!

Keep these tips in mind for healthier hair:

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water feels amazing and there is nothing wrong with letting the hot water run for the body, but it is actually not the best for hair. Hot water can make hair dry and frizzy. So, when it comes time to wash your hair, turn that dial to lukewarm or cool water and begin your hair routine for shiny healthier hair!

Avoid Overwashing

Cleansing your hair is super important because it gets rid of product build-up, sweat, dry flakes, and excess oils. But, cleansing the scalp too much, like every day, can strip your hair of natural oils which leaves your hair feeling dry. Fix this by swapping a wash day for dry shampoo as a quick refresh in between washes. Only wash your hair about 2-3 times per week.

Add Leave-In Products

It is not enough sometimes to just wash and condition your hair. Utilizing leave-in conditioners and hair masks 1-2 times a week will drastically help your hair. There are leave-in products for a lot of different hair types. You can find masks and conditioners that give extra moisture, tame frizz, add shine, soften hair, and more. Leave-in products are typically either used before or after your shower. Hair masks are generally applied on dry hair, left on for some time, and then washed out in the shower. Leave-in conditioners are applied to wet hair after a normal shampoo and condition once you are out of the shower.

Limit Heat When Possible

This may not be a shock to some of you, but it is always important to remember that applying heat to your hair for styling damages it. If possible consider leaving your hair natural or using non-heat products and methods to style your hair. If you do need to use heat like a straightener, curling iron, or hairdryer, always use a heat protectant! This will protect the hair and lessen the damage that heat tools can do.

Avoid Chemicals

There are harmful chemicals in many affordable shampoo and conditioner products that actually have been liked to cancer, hair loss, scalp irritation, and more. There are plenty of affordable brands that have no silicones, parabens, or sulfates. Read labels and ingredients to find products that don’t formulate with them!

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