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Here's Why Summer is So Good For Us

Not only is summer a fun season to enjoy activities with our family and friends, it can also be great for our health! It comes to no surprise that people are usually happier in the summer because the weather is warmer, days are longer nicer and we can do more outdoors than in the winter, where we tend to huddle up in our homes. There are beach concerts, outdoor restaurants, pool parties, and barbecues to keep us connected to the outside world. Believe it or not, summer not only improves our health but also can boost our work life and love life.

According to the medical journal Circulation, there are fewer fatal heart attacks occurring between the months of June and September. This is because many people work out and relax more. Although we may overdo it at a cookout or summer party, we often eat much less in the summer as well.

Summer can also improve your love life because spend more time doing activities together such as taking walks, going on vacation, or going out. Founder of Love Your Relationship, Dr. Howard Markman, said learning something together can be a way for you and a loved one to bond. Summer can also improve your work life. Summer vacations give people a chance to energize themselves and refuel their tanks. Whether you go away or even have a staycation, taking off work will help you be more relaxed and productive in the long run.

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