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While It Will Be Different, The 2020 Summer Olympics Are Finally Here in 2021!

Ever since the start of the pandemic, so many events have been postponed or canceled. Many people, especially the athletes, were disappointed last year when the summer Olympic games had to be postponed.

After a year-long wait, the games are now beginning in Tokyo, Japan. The most elite athletes in the world are excited to compete in 28 different sports in the hopes of earning a medal. Unfortunately, due to Tokyo's new state of emergency, Japanese government officials will not allow spectators at any events. This is due to a rise in Covid-19 infections in Tokyo. Because of these restrictions, only a select number of officials and some dignitaries will be present.

In addition, a growing number of athletes have tested positive for COVID, including US competitors who may not be able to compete in the games. Can you imagine all the work, time, effort, and dedication it takes for these young athletes to prepare for the games, only to be disqualified right before the competition? It is beyond heartbreaking.

Due to the pandemic and postponement, Japanese officials had to drastically revise the message and simplify the ceremonies. With all the struggles and difficulties that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and athletes have faced, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, there must be a collective sigh of relief that the games are finally starting. The motto of the Tokyo 2020 Games is "United by Emotion. After the year that we have all experienced together, there could not be a more fitting motto.

Here is a full list of the Olympic Events.

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