What's Your Superpower?

Share your superpower with me and tell me how you are living healthier or how someone has helped you live healthier and we could feature you on the program and our website. Whether you just got off medications due to your lifestyle changes, lost weight, or have a special healthcare provider who has been there for you, we want to know about it.  If you are a medical professional or work in healthcare, we would love to learn from you. Maybe you are involved in a group or organization and want to share your mission,  please reach out to me and we could feature you on the radio program or podcast.

My superpower is learning how to live healthier and sharing it with you. "Empowering You To Live a Healthier Life!" That is my personal and professional mission.  I enjoy talking with experts about steps we can take to feel great and live healthier, and I bring it to you in short features to help you and your family to take control of your health and make better choices.

My Superpower

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